Year 5 Remote Learning

Friday 5th March- Spellings

Thursday 4th March - English (World Book Day)

World Book Day Art ideas

Thursday 4th March- World Book Day Maths

Wednesday 3rd March - Reading Comprehension

Wednesday 3rd March - DT

Wednesday 3rd March- Arithmetic

SKIP THE BALANCE CALCULATION- Miss Humphries messed up- woops sorry!

Tuesday 2nd March - English

Tuesday 2nd March- Geography

Tuesday 2nd March- Maths

Monday 1st March - English

Monday 1st March- Maths

Monday 1st March- RE

Friday 26th February - English

Friday 26th February- Option 2: recap

Friday 26th February- Computing

Friday 26th February- Spellings

Friday 26th February- Option 1 arithmetic lesson

Thursday 25th February - English

Thursday 25th February- D&T

Thursday 25th February- Maths

Thursday 25th February - Story Time

Wednesday 24th February - Story Time

Wednesday 24th February - Reading Comprehension

Wednesday 24th February - Science

Wednesday 24th February- Maths

Tuesday 23rd February - English

Tuesday 23rd February- Geography

Tuesday 23rd February- Maths

Tuesday 23rd February - Story Time

Monday 22nd February - Story Time

Monday 22nd February - English

Monday 22nd February- Maths

Monday 22nd February- RE

Friday 12th February - English

Friday 12th February- Arithmetic

D&T Pancake day

Friday 12th February- Spelling test

Spelling rule: '-sure' and '-ture'

Thursday 11th February - Story Time

Thursday 11th February - English

Thursday 11th February- History

Thursday 11th February- Maths

Recognising fractions as a division

Wednesday 10th February - Story Time

Wednesday 10th February - Reading Comprehension

Wednesday 10th February - Science

Wednesday 10th February- Maths

Compare and order fractions (over 1).

Tuesday 9th February - Story Time

Tuesday 9th February - English

Tuesday 9th February- Computing

Tuesday 9th February- Maths

To compare and order fractions

Monday 8th February- Maths

Recognising fraction sequences

Monday 8th February - Story Time

Monday 8th February - English

Monday 8th February- RE

Friday 5th February - English

Friday 5th February- Computing

Friday 5th February- Spellings


Friday 5th February- Arithmetic

Thursday 4th February - Story Time

Thursday 4th February - English

Thursday 4th February- History

Thursday 4th February- Catch up/Help/Fluency session

Converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions

Thursday 4th February- Maths

Converting mixed number fractions to improper fractions.

Wednesday 3rd February - Story Time

Wednesday 3rd January- Science

Wednesday 3rd February - Reading Comp

Wednesday 3rd February- Maths

Converting improper fractions to mixed number fractions

Tuesday 2nd February- Art

Tuesday 2nd February - English

Tuesday 2nd February- Maths

Equivalent fractions

Tuesday 2nd February - Story Time

Monday 1st February - Story Time

Monday 1st February - English

Monday 1st February- Maths

Division worded problems

Monday 1st February- RE

Friday 29th January- Computing

Friday 29th January - English

Friday 29th January- Spellings

i before e except after c

Friday 29th January- Arithmetic

Thursday 28th January - English

Thursday 28th January - Story Time

Thursday 28th January- History

Thursday 28th January- Maths

Recognising remainders

Wednesday 27th January - Story Time

Wednesday 27th January - Reading Comp

Wednesday 27th January- Science

Wednesday 27th January- Maths

Dividing using remainders

Tuesday 26th January - Story Time

Tuesday 26th January- Maths

Dividing up to a four digit number by a 1 digit number

Tuesday 26th January- Art

Tuesday 26th January - English reverse poetry

Monday 25th January - Story Time

Monday 25th January - English Poetry

Monday 25th January- Maths

Multiplying a four digit number by a two digit number

Monday 25th January- RE

Friday 22nd January - Story Time

Friday 22nd January - English

Friday 22nd January- Computing

Friday 22nd January- Spelling test

Silent letters

Friday 22nd January- Arithmetic

Thursday 21st January - Story Time

Thursday 21st January- History

Thursday 21st January - English

Thursday 21st January- OPTION 1 Maths

Option 1- Multiplying a two digit number by a two digit number (Recap yesterday's lesson)

Thursday 20th January- OPTION 2 Maths

Multiplying a three digit number by a two digit number

Wednesday 20th January - Story Time

Audio clip for Comprehension starter

Wednesday 20th January - Reading Comprehension

Wednesday 20th January- Science

Why does the Moon appear to change shape?

Wednesday 20th January- Maths

Long multiplication method

Tuesday 19th January - English

Tuesday 19th January - Story Time

Tuesday 19th January- Art

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

Tuesday 19th January- Maths lesson

Multiplying by a two digit number- part two

Monday 18th January - Story Time

Monday 18th January - English

Monday 18th January- RE

Monday 18th January- Maths

Multiplying by 2 digit numbers (grid method)

Friday 15th January - Story Time

Friday 15th Jan - English

Friday 15th January- Computing

Friday 15th January- Spellings

Spelling rule; '-ough' and '-ought'

Friday 15th January- Arithmetic

Thursday 14th January - Story Time

Thursday 14th Jan - English

Thursday 14th January- History

Henry VIII and his 6 wives.

Thursday 13th January- Maths

Multiplication- multiplying up to a four digit number by a one digit number

Wednesday 13th January- Science

Wednesday 13th Jan - Story Time

Wednesday 13th Jan - Comprehension (Inference)

Wednesday 13th January- Maths

Estimating the area of an irregular 2D shape.

Tuesday 12th Jan - Story Time

Tuesday 12th January- Art

Tuesday 12th Jan - English

Tuesday 12th January- Maths

Comparing the area of 2D shapes

Monday 11th Jan - Maths

Monday 11th Jan - English Balanced Discussion

French- Monday 11th January

RE- Monday 11th January

Monday 11th Jan - Story Time

Friday 8th Jan - English All About Me

Friday 8th January- Spelling test

Spelling rules: '-ency' and '-ancy'

Friday 8th January- Arithmetic lesson

Friday 8th January- Computing

Friday 8th Jan - Story Time

Thursday 7th Jan - Story Time

Thursday 7th Jan - English Wishes

Thursday 7th January- History

Thursday's Maths lesson 07.01.21

Calculating the perimeter of a compound shape

Wednesday 6th January - Comprehension Lesson

Wednesday 06.01.2021 Maths- Calculating perimeter

6th Jan- Science

Wednesday 6th January - Story Time

ASSEMBLY MONDAY 07.12.2020 "The Gift of Hope"

Monday 7th December story time

Monday 7th December - English

Monday's Maths - Problem Solving

Monday- Design Technology Lesson 07.12.2020

ASSEMBLY 07.12.2020 The Gift of Hope

Friday's Spelling Test

Friday assembly - Celebrating our Differences / Diversity

Friday's Maths Catch Up Lesson

Friday- Computing 04.12.2020

Friday- Story time

Friday- Reading comprehension

Thursday assembly Self belieff

Thursday Arithmetic Lesson

Thursday- Story time

Thursday Art- 03.12.2020

Thursday- English lesson

Watch the video carefully as this will help you write your own version of the film 'Marshmallows'.

WEDNESDAY ASSEMBLY : Showing resilence

Wednesday- History 02.12.2020

Wednesday - To watch at the end of Maths

Wednesday- story time

Wednesday - Maths x by 10, 100 and 1,000

Wednesday- English

Today, we are revisiting how to punctuate direct speech.

Tuesday - Maths Inverse

TUESDAY ASSEMBLY " Showing Kindness"

Tuesday story time

Tuesday 1st December -English

Tuesday- RE 01.12.2020

Unit 2.3, Lesson 5- 'Can religions help people when times get hard?'

Monday Maths - Square and cube numbers

Monday- story time

Listen to David Walliams read his first two chapters of 'The boy in the dress'. After each chapter, pause the video to see if you can answer the questions.

English- Monday 30th November

You will need a pen and a piece of paper/notebook for this lesson.

Science 30.11.2020

Monday - Spelling Test